Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MAS suffer loss for the first half of 2011 and yet sponsor Home Jersey of QPR

I was watching TV3 sport news the other night and it came surprise to me that MAS have been sponsored Home Jersey for Queen Park Rangers, English Football team owns by our very own Tony Fernandez. The away jersey was being sponsored by AirAsia. Never in history I saw MAS sponsored any football team (I might be wrong) and all of sudden it sponsored QPR. I was reading the star newspaper at the office today and it indicates that the total sponsorship fee for both MAS and AirAsia for the English Professional Football Club involves a term of two years, would cost some RM30 million (6.2 Pound Sterling)! And to surprise me more, MAS take up almost 60% of the total fee because home jersey sponsorship more expensive than away jersey. It means it could be around RM18 Million!
MAS are now facing financial downturn and yet giving out money for sponsoring football team!

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